Bastim Records was set up to provide an outlet for electronic dance music bands based in the Northampton area. Northampton like many other towns has had a strong dance music scene since the early 90s. However the backlash of this shift to the club scene has meant many people who once would have been in a band took up the role of DJ.

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The key to Bastims ideal was to produce quality records for DJs to play at clubs as well as develop the acts for live performances. Back 2 Mono provided a good forum for many bands to get out of the bedroom studio and on to a stage in front of people. The key band in Bastims development was Honeybunny whos members played in indie bands in the 80s, became DJs in the 90s, but wanted to make and cut their own records for the dancefloor. Indeed their records have received positive feedback from DJs worldwide, particularly in the U.K. and U.S. including such key players as SASHA, DIGWEED, ANTHONY PAPPA, JIMMY VAN M & CHRIS FORTIER to name just a few.

After The Fat Man

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